Sixty Minutes Well Spent!


When self-effacing Sir Bradley Wiggins sat in the barber’s chair on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago, his barber was blissfully unaware of the day in store for Britain’s much loved two-wheel champion. “What you got on today, then?” quizzed the barber. “Oh not much!” retorted Bradley in typically modest fashion.

Just a few hours later, in the full glare of the media and his adoring public Wiggins took on the record for the most distance covered on a bicycle in one hour. Not content with being a multiple World and Olympic champion and the first Briton to win the highly coveted Tour de France, Wiggins went for the iconic hour record – a record he’d previously not considered attempting. Somewhat surprising as Wiggins is perhaps best known in his field for being a time trial specialist.

Did Bradley break the record? No, he absolutely smashed it with 1 minute 42 seconds to spare, ultimately cycling 54.526km or 33.88 miles in old money. Not bad, eh?

This got me thinking – What could YOU do in an hour?

Now, call us gambling men, but we’re guessing that you’re browsing The Door Industry Journal because you’re interested in what Birkdale, amongst others have to offer? Perhaps you’d like a lovely new roller garage door for your customers and you’re looking at their options? Luck shouldn’t play a part, but we’re confident that you’ll feel reassuringly fortunate to stumble across Birkdale! Assuming, of course that you weren’t already aware of us and what we do.

So, breaking it down like Sir Brad did on the first Sunday in June – in just a few short minutes we think you will love perusing our eye-catching products! In a few minutes more, using our easy to complete online contact tab you can request for one of us to contact you to set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time. We’d like to communicate with you. In fact, you can chat with us online now.

Should your initial contact be in normal business hours allow for thirty minutes or so for a reply. Brad would’ve cycled nearly seventeen miles in that time! Providing you and your company like what you hear, we’ll get you set-up on our user-friendly control panel. You’re now one of our valued trade customers.

And it really is as simple as that.

Of course it didn’t really take Bradley Wiggins an hour to make cycling history, did it? It took him over twenty years of blood, sweat and tears to achieve that superlative level of performance.

Similarly, we at Birkdale have worked incredibly hard over the years to produce top levels of performance in supply and manufacture of the highest quality materials. So, whatever it is that we have that takes your fancy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat on 01724 282171 or by emailing sales@birkdale.co.uk

Birkdale wishes you a successful summer!