Monthly Archives - March 2016

Battery Backup with sleep mode and remote wake up feature

New Birkdale Back-UPS is a battery backed AC power supply designed for door access systems.
Unlike standard battery backup systems which revert to battery immediately following a power failure, the Birkdale Back-UPS units remain off until awoken when needed with the wireless keyfob accessory or a remote switch contact.
When awoken, the UPS will provide power for over 2 minutes to enable the door to be opened or closed (or both) before switching off again. This prevents unnecessary battery discharge and […]


Seven year warranty

Birkdale’s innovative new Jolly Motors now come with a tremendous SEVEN YEAR warranty!

When considering our increased FIFTEEN YEAR laminate warranty, coupled with our FIVE YEAR Door Monitor System warranty, we really believe we have the BEST roller door on the market!!
With this additional peace of mind, we continually strive to improve our products for you.