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Our business is passionate about the environment!

We have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption, lowering our carbon emissions for our loved local community. As a business we have invested in  energy saving Solar PV system and lighting. This will make a huge difference to the environment and this is just the start of our sustainable journey.
 To help us invest in these energy saving measures we had support from Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire. Through this we received a grant of £ 26,600 to enable us […]


Fully Glazed Sectional Garage Door in the Office

This unusual solution has been suggested by interior design agency, to offices in London. The customer wanted walls in the office which could be easily moved out of the way to create a spacious office for bigger projects or small company events. The customer also wanted full glazing not only for light but to create a stylish look with audible privacy. The brilliant solution was to use our Sectional Garage Doors with Fully Glazed Panels. This way they kept […]


Colour Matching Challenge – Roller Door

Roller Garage Door
to match the planting pots.

Customer asked us for the insulated Roller Garage Door in single size which was perfect choice for the integrated garage.
However one of the conditions was to manufacture our Roller Door in a colour exactly matching the outside garden plant pots.
We received one of the plant pots as a colour sample (see in the picture, one of the two in front f the garage door).
We didn’t know the name or code of the colour […]