Battery Backup with sleep mode and remote wake up feature

New Birkdale Back-UPS is a battery backed AC power supply designed for door access systems.
Unlike standard battery backup systems which revert to battery immediately following a power failure, the Birkdale Back-UPS units remain off until awoken when needed with the wireless keyfob accessory or a remote switch contact.
When awoken, the UPS will provide power for over 2 minutes to enable the door to be opened or closed (or both) before switching off again. This prevents unnecessary battery discharge and […]


Seven year warranty

Birkdale’s innovative new Jolly Motors now come with a tremendous SEVEN YEAR warranty!

When considering our increased FIFTEEN YEAR laminate warranty, coupled with our FIVE YEAR Door Monitor System warranty, we really believe we have the BEST roller door on the market!!
With this additional peace of mind, we continually strive to improve our products for you.


Get Your SOLAR PANELS fitted before 1st of January 2016

On January 1st 2016 the government makes reductions in subsidy incentives for solar panel installations.

Profits of £750+ per year tax-free,
increasing (index linked) for 20 years.
Expert, guaranteed, system installation within 1-2 days.Highly reliable, virtually maintenance-free system.Call 01724 282171 or email to discuss further. Site visits are free and without obligation.


New standard colours

We listened to your valuable feedback with regards to additional colours for our Maxi 78/20 profile as per our recent newsletter.
It’s very important to us that we can offer the best products, with the most comprehensive colour choice on the market. As a direct result, we are very pleased to introduce seven additional standard paint finish colours to our stock. They are;

Steel Blue
Jet Black
Anthracite Grey
Carmine Red
Golden Oak
Light Ivory
Fir Green

The above were the seven most popular from your suggestions. We […]


Sixty Minutes Well Spent!

When self-effacing Sir Bradley Wiggins sat in the barber’s chair on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago, his barber was blissfully unaware of the day in store for Britain’s much loved two-wheel champion. “What you got on today, then?” quizzed the barber. “Oh not much!” retorted Bradley in typically modest fashion.
Just a few hours later, in the full glare of the media and his adoring public Wiggins took on the record for the most distance covered on a […]


Keeping up Appearances

Whilst the tabloids have feverishly crammed their column inches with the respective departures of Zayn Malik and Jeremy Clarkson from their day jobs, they appear to have missed certain events gathering apace here at Birkdale Towers in sunny Scunthorpe!
Forward-thinking and heading in One Direction, Birkdale have slid effortlessly into Top Gear with an industry leading in-house manufactured side sprung sectional door. Each domestic single sectional door (measuring up to 3m in width and 2.25m in height) has springs that […]


Social Media

We are constantly trying to find new ways for us to keep in contacts and show both trade customers and retail customers our products. We are constantly updating our website to try suit the needs of all of our customers and to make our control panel user friendly.

We are now on a number of social media sites so you can see our products, promotions and blogs as they happen. Our Facebook page is “Birkdale Roller Shutter Company Ltd” and […]


The Great Storm of Dawlish – and the resilience of a Birkdale Roller Door?

The first of a series of major storms happened during the eve of Feb 4th 2014, the 100mph winds and the rough sea conditions had a devastating effect on the people of Dawlish.
Hit by 100mph winds, the sea banks of Dawlish gave way, causing a land slide and a significant stretch of the sea wall to collapse. Roads and railways were damaged and people were left stranded. The strong winds caused damage to peoples’ homes; walls and driveways were […]