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Electric Blinds

collection of made to measure rollers

Birkdale powered blinds are the online electrical blinds specialists; we fit all of our electric roller blinds with the world’s leading Somfy motors, we are also proud that our blinds are all manufactured in the UK.

Luxury of Electric Roller Blinds

Birkdale stock electric roller blinds with a large range of features, from programmed timer options to battery power operation or wall-mounted controls. Whatever your preference you can rest-assured that you are getting a high-quality blind made with premium components that is manufactured to the highest specification in the industry.

All of our electric roller blinds are made in the UK using rust-free aluminium hardware for the most reliable and durable product available. The slim motorisation is discreet and easy to install, manufactured in the UK by the world’s leading motorised blinds specialists.

Benefits of Electric Roller Blinds

Completely cordless for safer & easier operation

Simple & discreet installation which doesn’t ruin the décor

Optional rechargeable battery operation

Quiet motor operation

Motorisation extends the life of the blinds

Great material & design

Remote Options

Situo RTS Remote Control

The single channel remote is able to operate between 1-12 blinds at the same time.

You can programme a top, bottom and MY position for the blind/s to travel to when you press the relevant button.

The remote works via radio signal that can reach up to 20metres and even pass through 2 reinforced concrete walls.

Single Channel Remote Control

The single channel remote control is the ideal solution if you want to operate between 1-12 blinds at the same time at the push of a button.

You can programme a top, bottom and my position for the blind/s to travel to when you press the relevant button.

The remote works via radio signal that can reach up to 20metres and even pass through 2 reinforced concrete walls.

Five channel remote control

The 5 channel remote control has 5 channels you can programme up to 12 blinds onto.

This is designed so you can operate groups of blinds both on their own and together via one handset.

You can programme a top, bottom and my position for the blind/s to travel to when you press the relevant button.

The remote works via radio signal that can reach up to 20metres and even pass through 2 reinforced concrete walls.

Smoove Single channel wall switch

The single channel wall switch combines the great functionality of our single channel remote and builds it into a sleek designed switch that is wall mounted so you never have the worry of losing the remote.

The controller is still battery powered so requires no wiring and can operate up to 12 blinds simultaneously.

Chronis Single Channel Timer Control

The timer control allows you to programme your blinds to travel up and down at set times of the day. Usually used in addition to one of the above handsets this allows the user an extra level of automation.

The timer control also features a holiday mode where it will open and close the blinds at random times of the day to help simulate occupancy. Perfect for those who are away regularly.

This remote works from a single channel so can move up to 12 blinds together but not individually.

Six Channel Timer Remote Control – Chronis 6 Pure RTS

The six-channel radio control timer handset allows you to control up to 5 individual blinds or a group of blinds in both manual and automatic modes.

You can programme up to 6 timer functions per day and use the presence stimulation function timer which opens and closes the blinds, as well as tilt the slats for example if you choose the wood venetian blinds.

This remote works via radio signal that can reach up to 20 metres and even pass through 2 reinforced concrete walls.

Power Options

Single Use Battery Pack

Completely wire-free option with single use lithium batteries.


  • Somfy 12V reloadable battery tube
  • x8 AA lithium batteries

(Based on average use batteries will need recharging once a year.)

3 Pin Plug

This 3 pin plug supplies mains power to your Somfy electric blind. Ready to plug & play. Suitable for use with all of our Somfy extension cables.

When opting for this power source, please consider the motor side as the cable plugs into the end of the motor so you will therefore want to position the motor at the side which is nearest to your power outlet.

Re-chargeable Battery Pack

Completely wire-free option with re-chargeable NiMH batteries.


  • Re-chargeable batteries tube
  • x10 Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • AC Rechargeable Battery Wall Charger

(Based on average use batteries will need recharging once a year.)

Night & Day Electric Blinds

Day and night blinds are a fantastic solution when looking to create the look of a venetian blind whilst keeping the control of a roller blind. Additionally when rolled up the window is virtually completely clear making them ideal for patio doors where a wood venetian would cause too much of an obstruction.

What to expect from this blind:

  • We use a 7cm tall cassette to house the blind which ensures that the roller tube and mechanism are completely hidden from view (unless you look directly up from underneath it).
  • The cassette will be fitted with a piece of coordinating fabric.
  • We use a white exposed external weight bar on this blind which looks great with its high gloss finish.
  • In the down position the blind will be set to be closed
  • In a recess we will set the blind to finish between 0.5-1cm from the window sill.
  • We attach the fabric to the back of the cassette and then roll the material off the back of the roller. This ensures the two pieces of fabric travel tight together and close to the window for the best level of light control possible.
  • The fabric will be 3.5cm smaller than the finished blind size to accommodate the blind mechanism.
  • Supplied with an integrated Somfy 28RTS motor which is fitted inside the roller tube and rotates at 28 revolutions per minute for quick operation.
  • Controlled using your choice of remote control or timer for ease of use.
  • Powered using your choice of battery pack or 3 pin plug

In the box:

  • Made to measure electric roller blind.
  • Your selected of power supply.
  • Your selected remote control/s.
  • Brackets suitable for top or face fixing.
  • Instructions for fitting and fine tuning the programming of your blind start to finish.

We only use Somfy motors for all of our blinds, they are the market leaders in window blind motorisation and so were our natural first choice so we give peace of mind that your investment will last. Every motor we use operates on RTS technology which means you can use the same handsets and timers to control a variety of products within your home including roller blinds, wood venetian blinds and roman blinds.

Essential Blackout Roller Blinds

A straight forward electric roller blind collection featuring blackout fabrics. The offer includes a power source, handset and the blind in one low price!

Practical – Efficient – Affordable

Electric blinds are not only very desirable for the modern home but also offer many practical benefits, yet up until now they have been considered a luxury investment. Now with the introduction of our Essential Collection of electric roller blinds we are able to offer you this fantastic product at an amazing price.

Our Essential Collection starts at just £90.00 including a power source, a single channel handset and a made to measure blind.

They are available up to a maximum size of 200cm wide by 170cm drop. If your window is larger than this please view our other roller blind collections which use a larger motor and can therefore power a larger blind.

What are the benefits of our Essential Collection Electric Roller Blind system?

• Operation via handset means ease of operation making them ideal for hard to reach windows or for those with limited mobility.

• Because they are 100% cord and chain free they are a safe solution for all members of your family, children and four-legged friends alike.

• All of the fabrics we use offer thermal insulation so will help retain warmth in the colder months

• Our fabrics are also all blackout treated making them perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries or indeed any room you might want to sleep in during the day.

• Blackout fabric is also a perfect choice for lounges, cinema rooms or offices where screens will be used regularly as they can prevent glare at the touch of a button.

Sheer & Sunscreen Electric Roller Blinds

If you’re looking to add privacy to your space without losing natural light but want a more contemporary look than a traditional net curtain, our Sheer Electric Roller Blinds are the ideal solution.

Alternatively you can opt for our magic Sunscreen Electric Roller Blinds, designed for windows you want to see out of whilst stopping people being able to see in. As well as the added privacy the benefits of our sunscreen blinds they also block 95% of the UV rays removing glare from screens and protecting furniture and artwork from fading.

Both sheer and sunscreen blinds are attractive and practical and look smart and clean when teamed with curtains for night time privacy. Available in a range of classic neutral tones you’re sure to find the perfect blind for your room.