Tender / Request of Quotation

Request for Quotation

You are invited to submit a quotation for the supply of LED lighting and/or 30KW solar PV system as outlined in the specification that follows.

Date: (6th Feb 2020)
Return by: 20th Feb 2020
From: Simon Sturman
Tel: 01724282171
E-mail: simon@birkdale.co.uk

Quotations need to be returned by 20th Feb 2020

This procurement process is being run in conjunction with a grant application to the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire (SEGL) programme. The programme is part funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) A supplier will be appointed subject to a grant being awarded by SEGL. If your quotation is accepted, a formal Purchase Order will be issued. Unless specified otherwise, you should assume that delivery will be to the address stated above.

This request for quotation does not form any commitment to buy.

Any subsequent orders will be governed by the terms and conditions set out in Birkdale Manufacturing Group Ltd’s procurement policy

Birkdale Manufacturing Group Ltd may take up credit checks and/or references if you choose to quote.

Please refer to the Invitation to Quote -Specification document that follows for full details of what is required and how to respond.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Sturman

Request for Quotation

1. Invitation to Quote
Birkdale Manufacturing Group Ltd invites quotations for 30KW Solar PV System LED lighting, supply and install design. The scope of requirements to be provided and the manner in which you should respond to this invitation are defined below.

2. Background
Birkdale Manufacturing Group Ltd have just moved to a 50,000 sq ft manufacturing plant and after carrying out an Energy Efficiency report and action plan are now looking for quotations to carry out Solar PV and Lighting works.

3.Tender Details
The contracting authority for the purpose of this invitation to quote is Birkdale Manufacturing Group Ltd, Unit 1 Arkwright Way, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AE

4. Specification
The requirements to be provided are set out in the table



We require 88 HID conventional luminaires to be replaced with LED high bay lighting and a 30KW Solar PV system.

Delivery By

The successful candidate will carry out the work in a reasonable time frame, proven track record with examples of completed jobs and competitively priced.

5. Quotation Requirements
Your quotation should include:
a) A brief description of your company

b) Examples of/ references for previous work which is relevant

c) A detailed breakdown of costs. Prices should include packaging, delivery, installation (if applicable), and any other charges as well as the cost of any equipment or supplies. The total price should be shown exclusive of VAT. Please include the following details where relevant;

  • Lead Time
  • Your quote should be valid for at least 60 days
  • Please ensure your quotation includes relevant contact information

6. Contract Term
All work relating to this quotation must be completed and signed off by May 2020

7. Payment Terms
Payment 14 days after completion

8. Quality Assurance
Please briefly outline your procedures for quality assuring your work.
Please detail any recognised quality management certification you may have, for example BS/EN/ISO9000.

10. Award Criteria and evaluation
The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous quotation evaluated against the following criteria


Weighting %

Price – value for money


Relevant experience and track record


Understanding of project requirements and ability to deliver


A simple scoring mechanism.

A relatively simple scoring system has been adopted, as explained below:
0 – Exceptionally Poor or Missing
1 – Poor – major failings to meet the documented requirements
2 – Unsatisfactory – only meets some of the documented requirements
3 – Satisfactory – meets the documented requirements with only minor shortcomings
4 – Good – meets the documented requirements
5 – Exceptional – meets the documented requirements and offers enhanced performance

The highest scoring bid against the each of quality criteria will be assigned the full % for each element and all other quality scores will be scaled appropriately.
The lowest price will be assigned the maximum 33% for cost and all scores will be scaled accordingly.

11. Queries
To ensure a fair and transparent process no approach of any kind in connection with this quotation should be made to any other person within, or associated with, Birkdale manufacturing Group Ltd other than the named contact. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the process.
The Birkdale manufacturing Group Ltd reserves the right to terminate the procurement process at any time prior to award without compensation.

12. Quotation Return
The completed quotation and any associated documents must be submitted to Simon Sturman either by email to simon@birkdale.co.uk or in hard copy to the following address: Unit 1 Arkwright way, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AE

13.Closing Date:
20th February 2020

14.Award Date:
1st March 2020