Awnings Warranty


Please bear in mind that the following are excluded under the guarantee (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Damage due to improper and/or inefficient use of the products.
  • Inadequate maintenance of the products.
  • Normal wear and tear as a result of the use of the awning.
  • Discolouration of the materials due to weather impacts.
  • Damage caused by third parties or abnormal conditions such as fire, storm, wind and water damage.
  • Batteries, fuses and/or bulbs

The guarantee and the CE Declaration of Conformity will be null and void if changes are made to the awning that have not been carried out by the manufacturer.

No claims can be made at any time for damage caused due to control failure when on an automatic operation such as with timer switches or sun, sun & wind, vibration and/or rain sensors. The described automatic controls are the only tools to increase ease of use and safety. If you leave the control of your products to automatic mode without supervision, it will be entirely at your own risk.


The fabrics in the standard range are woven from solution-dyed acrylic fibre. However, it could happen that you note some minor imperfections after the installation of your awning. A slight embossing, some veining, small folds along the stitch-ing, in the centre of the fabrics or possibly some overlapping could appear. These irregularities are inherent in the nature of the fibre and have no effect on the performance of your cover. Your installer can in no way be held responsible for these slight imperfections.

Subsequent to handling during sewing, fabrication and assembly, acrylic fabrics treated with resins containing fluoride may present “veining” visible against sunlight due to an optical effect (differences in the refraction of light)

When rolling the cover, folds may be produced in the centre or along the stitching.

Different wrapping thickness occur on the fabric rolls where the hems and seams of the panels are because there are two layers of fabric in these places. The tension in the material created this way may produce waves (for example a waffle or herringbone pattern).


The awning warranties are split into different categories
Fabric 10 years
Motor 5 years
Frame & Sensors 2 years
In some cases, we may need to bring the awning back to the factory to replace the fabric, motors and arms.
All warranties are 1-year parts and labour and parts only thereafter.