General Information
Wherever mentioned in this document, service shall mean Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited. Wherever in this document refers to information means the information, which is owned by Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited.

Wherever in this document refers to personal data means the data / information on customer service, which contain the user name service.

Information We Collect
Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited agree not to resell or share the information gathered by Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited otherwise than as described in this document.

We do not require user registration. To receive a free e-Newsletter requires filling the appropriate form and e-mail address. The data obtained in this way will be added to our software service mailing list . Giving the details is always optional and it will be used by Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited according to the user’s will and purpose of the data transfer. Each of the registered Newsletter users has the right at any time change or remove your details from our database – to unsubscribe please use link which you will find in your Newsletter message.

Use of data
Neither the identity of the users of the Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited, for any purpose, shall not be transferred to any third party. Details of users who register with the Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited in order to obtain access to the Newsletter are will be used to send to the Newsletter to these user’s.

Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited reserves the right to send unsolicited, commercial informations to users registered in the Newsletter database, provided the prior consent of the user in this regard. These may be in particular information about news, promotions or other news about Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limiteds. Personal information collected in the course of correspondence between you and the Service will be used solely to respond to a user’s query.

In the case of control of Data Protection Supervisor, your personal information may be made available to the authorized persons in accordance with the applicable provisions of law on the protection of personal data. In case of violation of the Rules to use of Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limiteds, violations of law or where this will require legislation, user data can be made available to other public authorities or local government, including in particular the judicial authorities.

Cookies are small files placed on your computer’s hard disk. Is contained in the information used to identify the service user. Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited use this information to identify you and to trace activity within the site. This information does not include any personal data, but only an identification number. This information may be linked to the comments placed. You can disable the cookies in your browser at any time. Users who have disabled cookies in the browser will still have an access to all parts of the Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited site.

Cookie Name



2 years


Used by Google Analytics. Each unique browser that visits a page on the site is provided with a unique ID via the __utma cookie. In this way, subsequent visits to the website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor. Thus, if a person interacted with the website using different browsers, the Analytics reports would track this activity under two unique visitors. Similarly if the same browser were used by two different visitors, but with a separate computer account for each, the activity would be recorded under two unique visitor IDs. On the other hand, if the browser happens to be used by two different people sharing the same computer account, one unique visitor ID is recorded, even though two unique individuals accessed the site.

Cookie Name



30 min
End of session
6 month


Google Analytics uses these two cookies to establish a session. If either of these two cookies is absent, further activity by the user initiates the start of a new session.

Cookie Name



1 month


When visitors reach the site via a search engine result, a direct link, or an ad that links to the page, Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie. The parameters in the cookie value string are parsed and sent in the GIF Request (in the utmcc variable). The expiration date for the cookie is set as 6 months into the future. This cookie gets updated with each subsequent page view to the site; thus it is used to determine visitor navigation within the site.
When the user closes the alert box this cookie is set with a unique reference number to prevent it from displaying again in the future. If the cookies are disabled, the alert will display on every page, even if it has been closed. If the cookies are cleared, the alert will pop up again on the next visit to the website.

System Logs
Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited collects information on the use of our software by writing to a number of system log information. This information is used solely for statistical purposes or for the product upgrades.

Sharing information with third parties
The information gathered on the Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited pages will be shared to third parties only in the form of accumulated information about the number of visitors and their preferences as to the thematic site. Information about the interests of individuals will be provide only in cases envisaged by procedural rules (such as breaking the law). Where the service Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited will be the third-party partner, and correct operation of the website will depend on transfer certain information such as cookies to our partners, the information will be transfered.

Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited contains links to the other’s websites on the Internet. Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited assumes no responsibility for the protection of your data on these pages.

Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited use SSL system when transferring data from your computer to our server.

Modification of Privacy Policy
If the Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited decides to modify its privacy policy, this information appears on our homepage.