Solar Panels With a Difference

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4 kW SYSTEM – £3300 + VAT

Single Brand Solar Solutions

Autarco is the world’s first brand of complete and integrally designed solar PV plants. Autarco solves your energy needs with a single solution so you don’t have to worry about individual components. A straightforward proposition, minus the complexities or risks involved in traditional multi-brand, multi-component alternatives.


Each solar PV system comes with its own money back kWh Guarantee Certificate.

  • Customised to your solar PV system, stating your guaranteed kWh output.
  • Other solar panel manufacturers have theoretical DC output warranties.
  • DC power output warranties are meaningless for actually reducing your energy bill.
  • Birkdale guarantee the kWh output of your system.
  • If your solar PV system performs below our guarantee, we will refund you the difference.
  • Birkdale is the only brand in the industry to provide such a guarantee.
  • Your system is continuously and pro-actively monitored to ensure optimal performance.

One Brand, One Solution

Each system is tailored to your project goals and supplied complete including:

  • Solar modules
  • Inverters
  • Mounting system
  • Monitoring
  • Cabling

    Integral Design

    All components in our solar solutions are engineered for optimal performance. We call it integral solution design. With a Birkdale PV plant there’s no need to worry.
    Our integral design guarantees high performing PV solutions without system mismatch or poor reliability.

    kWh Guarantee

     25 year linear module output warranty with 98% inverter efficiency – these are all examples of component guarantees that are virtually impossible to challenge in case of system under performance. Why settle for unverifiable individual component guarantees?

    Autarco solar PV plants come with an industry first kWh guarantee, devoid of any unsatisfactory output claims. Just a simple 100% verifiable cash-back power output guarantee. It’s the only guarantee that matters.

    Peace of Mind

    • Insured 25 year module output warranty
    • 10 year warranty on inverters
    • 10 year complete system warranty

    However, there is more. Other solar PV systems may come with performance estimates and projected savings that leave you with no re-course if they are not achieved. An Autarco solution comes with a cash-back performance guarantee that is measurable, specific and above all easy to understand.

    Here’s How it Works:

    Every system comes with a certificate stating how much the system is guaranteed to yield. All systems are continuously monitored and at the end of the guarantee period we evaluate. If the actual kWh output is less than the guaranteed amount we’ll compensate you, the owner for the difference at the feed-in tariff rate per kWh.

No solar component supplier can do this!

Easy Insight into your Savings

Each Birkdale PV plant has an inverter with wireless connectivity which gives you convenient access to your system power output data. Wherever you are, you can easily access you system, check its current output in real time and look up historic output. When you’re out, checking your kWh guarantee and system performance is just few clicks away on any web enabled device.

Here for You

Birkdale Solar Division was established following a meeting with an existing garage door customer in Holland who was also heavily involved in the solar industry. The founder of the Dutch solar company – Autarco, Roel Van Den Berg, spent years working in China as a purchase manager of solar PV components. He saw the tremendous opportunity for a brand that offers real value in the solar energy supply chain. Since then, we’ve teamed up and grown very fast in partnership together. Today we operate various offices and warehouses around the world and have a growing international distribution network. The solar industry is maturing and Birkdale is leading the way forward with an innovative solar proposition and unique kWh guarantee.

Service and Aftercare

An integrally designed solution means a reliable solution. Thanks to the kWh guarantee, it is in our interest to resolve a problem swiftly should any occur. Birkdale products are sold by the most professional solar PV retailers and  their experienced installation teams enjoy our one-stop-shop support desk. This combination ensures that every issue is dealt satisfactorily.