Sectional Door Warranty

All products are independently tested to the highest standards and are certified to the high safety requirements and performance characteristics of European Standard 13241-1. You can, therefore, be confident that your purchase of a Birkdale product is a safe investment. Guarantee Birkdale offers the following warranty for garage door and garage door automation products:

  1. Summary (subject to the terms and conditions outlined in sections 2-7 below): 
  • Free One Year Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Thereafter Parts only Guarantee
  • All functional parts are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. We only ask that these are fitted by our engineers. During the first year, our engineer’s time and labour are free. The guarantee does not include items which are consumable such as Batteries, fuses or light Bulbs.
  • 5 years Safe and reliable operation (for use up to 5 open and closing cycles per day)
  • 5 years Integrity of the door panel(s) 
  • 5 years Panel corrosion (inside and out)
  • 5 years All immoveable frame parts
  • 5 years Motor and mechanical parts 
  • 2 years All mechanical elements of the doors, including rollers and springs 
  • 2 years All remote control parts (excluding batteries, bulbs and fuses)
  • 1 year Warranty on all commercial applications unless otherwise agreed (maintenance agreement).

The warranty only covers damage to the purchased garage door or garage door operator. The fully completed warranty card/service record (to be updated annually), together with receipt of purchase, correspondingly substantiates your right to claim under warranty. Warranty claims are only accepted in the country where the garage door/operator was purchased. The product must have been purchased through our authorised distribution channels. If installed by a dealer/contractor not of Birkdale direct employment then consequential costs for installation and de-installation, inspection of parts, transport and postage costs will not be accepted by Birkdale. Replacement parts are chargeable and credited on return of proven faulty goods. 


During the warranty period we undertake to rectify any and all defects to the Birkdale product which can be proved to be attributed to a material or manufacturing fault. We promise, at our discretion, to either exchange the defective merchandise, repair or allow a reduction in price. Replacement parts remain our property.


  • Improper installation and negligent care and maintenance, however if Birkdale carry out any installation work Birkdale offer a 3 months warranty on installation workmanship. Birkdale do not warranty installations carried out by other parties.
  • Improper initial and subsequent operation
  • Negligent or wanton destruction 
  • External influences, such as: fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions, acids and any abnormal environmental influences
  • Mechanical damage, through improper transport and fitting, or through falling or hitting objects 
  • Improper use of surface protection treatments
  • Repair by non-qualified persons
  • Using non-Birkdale parts without the written approval of the manufacturer
  • Removal of the product number or making it unidentifiable 
  • Application of additional, non approved weights or infills 
  • Failure to remove the protective film or packaging provided with the product, where applicable This warranty applies to all goods sold on or after 1 May 2016, until further notice.



Doors fitted within coastal area’s can be susceptible to corrosion from the salt air. Salt air deposits will settle on the door and can eventually cause corrosion to the aluminium. Cleaning the door regularly with warm soapy water once a month will slow this process down and prolong the life of the aluminium significantly. Doors fitted within 5 miles of the sea are NOT covered by the standard Birkdale warranty. This applies to powder-coated aluminium and steel sections.


6.1 Your purchase of a Product has the benefit of a manufacturer’s guarantee (“Guarantee”), which covers your product for 12 months from the date of purchase Provided you register the product online or using the postcard given to you on delivery. Please refer to the certificate of Guarantee contained within the box of your purchase for more information. Our Guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.

To register your product please visit the following website address:  then follow the instructions on screen.


7.1 Your Spare Part has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee (“Guarantee”), which covers your Spare Part if, within twelve months from purchase your Spare Part is proven to be faulty or damaged because of either workmanship or material. Our Guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.

7.2 If you received a faulty or damaged Spare Part(s) within twelve months from the date of purchase you may elect to make a claim pursuant to this Guarantee by contacting our Spare Parts Department.  We will attend site and replace or repair where necessary at our cost after the twelve months parts and labour warranty expires we will charge a call out fee that will include 1 hours free labour.  Alternatively, we will arrange a returns authorisation and either a replacement part or full refund, including the cost of sending the item to you once the Spare Part(s) has been received and inspected.  We will not send any parts out without applying for a returns authorisation.

7.3 Please note it takes 2 to 5 business days to process returns once they arrive at our warehouse. 

7.4 A full refund will be issued in the same form of payment originally used for the purchase within 3 to 5 business days of us receiving your return. Please allow up to 28 days for funds to appear in your bank account. 


  1. a) Documentary proof of original purchase date is provided. 
  2. b) Cosmetic damage must be reported within 14 days from the date of purchase. 
  3. c) The Spare Part has been fitted by a suitably qualified or competent person in accordance with our operating and maintenance instructions.
  4. d) The Spare Part is used in the country of purchase. 


  1. a) Damage resulting from transportation, improper use, neglect or interference or as a result of improper installation.
  2. b) Accidental damage, this includes but is not limited to, damage which occurs as a result of an external action. 


We understand that in some cases our Spare Parts are used in commercial and/or non domestic situations. We still provide a full 12 months Guarantee subject to the above conditions and that the Spare Part has not been subject to overuse, which is to be determined by us taking into account actual usage versus usage that is expected of a domestically situated appliance.

  1. Sectional Door Panels

Our guarantee covers panels only in their original colour and installed with appropriate hardware components. When applied, it is limited to the value of the panels as invoiced by Birkdale. The guarantee starts on the production date of the panels.

  1. Foam adherence

We guarantee our panels against delamination (separation of the foam from the steel) for a period of 5 years, as long as they are not exposed to temperatures above 50°C.

  1. Protection film

The protection film covering both faces of the panels has to be removed immediately after the hanging of the door, and this latest 6 months after the panel production date. After this time, the paint or the PVC film (wood and inox imitations) can be damaged during the removal of the protection film. Furthermore, PVC and Deep Matt colours have to be stocked inside a dry place, otherwise condensation and glue deposit can occur under the protection film.

  1. Shape

For doors above 5000mm wide, the use of wind struts is recommended, otherwise panels exposed to strong winds can suffer damages in their shape.

Deformation can also happen when panels are exposed to the sun (especially for doors oriented south and particularly for dark colours). The client is supposed to use appropriate hardware to the door configuration to avoid any damage due to such deformation.

  1. Colour

Climate can impact the colour with time. We guarantee the original colour for 1 year and recommend to use the panels according to the FIFO method.

  1. Surface

From infinitesimal point of view may a panel always show surface defects (micro-scratches,

waves, etc…). It is common practice to consider such defects as acceptable if not visible when looking at the panel from a minimal distance of 1.5m with an angle between 90° (perpendicular to the panel) and 30°.

  1. Rust and coating peeling :

Our panels are made of cold rolled steel sheets , hot dip galvanized and coated with Polyester paint, Polyurethane paint, or PVC film (wood and inox imitations).

Those products are delivered to us according to the norms EN 10169 or EN 10327.

This means that, except for special geographic (above 1000m altitude,…), atmospheric (salty, chemical,…) or other (shocks, contacts with solvents, …) circumstances, our panels are guaranteed against rust and against coating peeling according to this table :

Distance from seaside               < 3Km            3-20 Km         > 20 Km

Paint coating                                      NG         5 years       10 years

PVC coating                                       NG         2 years       5 years

  1. Cleaning

15.1 Paint-coated panels

Panels can be cleaned with neutral soap and water by means of a soft cloth (not abrasive), before appropriate rinsing and drying.

15.2 PVC-coated panels

PVC coated panels (Golden oak, Dark oak, Mahogany, Rustical, White, Inox,…) can be cleaned with clear water (or with neutral detergent content) and must be rinsed thoroughly with cold water and completely dried. Avoid oxidizing detergents (e.g. chlorine) or organic solvents (for example only : Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone – sometimes mixed with alcohol – ethyl acetate, chlorinated solvents, aromatic solvents like Toluene or Xylene). Always read the composition of detergents, do not use the products of an unknown composition.

Certain substances (such as, for example, nail polish, ink, tar, bitumen) may penetrate into the surface of the film, causing a permanent stain.

Exposure to various chemicals, detergents, oils, adhesives, smoke, high pressure washing, steam cleaning, extreme weather conditions, periods of immersion in water, air pollution (in particular in the presence of Sulphur dioxide and development of the consequent acid; nearby incineration plants and industrial structures and areas that are source of emissions into the atmosphere of special gases, acids, alkalis, heat and salts), damage caused by birds or animal urine, areas constantly sprayed with water (near seas, lakes and rivers or subject to periodic watering) or areas where smoke and dust, metallic powder, stone dust, calcium sulphate and chemical agents may cause deterioration of the product.

It is recommended to clean the panels every 3rd month with clear water (cold or lukewarm) and a clean and soft cloth to remove any aggressive contaminants.

It is the responsibility of Birkdale’s clients to inform the end user about those maintenance conditions and to produce written evidence that he’s been informed.